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Gouda cheese young 550 gram

Gouda cheese young  550 gram

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Gouda cheese young 550 gram

Gouda  Dutch: Goudse kaas, meaning "cheese from Gouda") is a Dutch yellow cheese made from cow's milk. It is named after the city of Gouda in the Netherlands. One of the most popular cheeses worldwide, the name is used today as a general term for a variety of similar cheese produced in the traditional Dutch manner, as well as the Dutch original.

Young Gouda cheese is typically used on sandwiches, either cold or melted.

In the Netherlands, cubes of Gouda are often eaten as a snack served with Dutch mustard. Older varieties are sometimes topped with sugar or apple syrup. Cubes of old and very old Gouda are eaten alongside strong pale beers, such as Tripel, Dubbel, or Trappist, or with port wine.

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Real Gouda is the favorite cheese of the Dutch. Real Gouda distinguishes itself form other cheeses because of the authentic procedure of cheese making. The milk is made to cheese by a completely natural process, without adding conservings of colourings.

The weight of the cheese will be between 450 and 525 grams
The cheese will be vacuum packed